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   We are a small company that lives and and works in the surrounding Aiken area. Our company is a Veteran owned and operated and our goal is to provide the best service we can offer, we are always looking to improve. We believe that every home or project that needs our service is a part of our home and expect the outcome to be exactly as we would want it to be. I Jerad Jeffries am a United States Air Force Veteran who served 8 years active duty and 23 years as a Military Aviation Contractor. I have been an Aviation Mechanic for as many years. I am a certified FAA Airframe & Powerplant mechanic. I have been a Handyman as far back as I can remember working along side my father as a child and always wanted to work with my hands. I have been power washing homes for over 25 years and decided to make this venture full time.

   With todays products out there on the market I have built this equipment to specialize in soft washing. The soft washing also more environmentally sound due to the electric motor that drives it and the solar panel that keeps it charged. Almost all of the chemicals we use are environmentally safe. We also use a commercial grade of bleach that kills the organics that grow on your home. We mix the bleach in with a surfactant(soap) and water to help hold and eat the organics as well as oxidation removal. No longer worry of water damage due to hard pressure. That being said we also offer many services that require pressure washing, ie: Driveways, walkways, pool surfaces, Fleet washing, gutter/downspout clean-out, etc..


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  • Residential Deck Wash/Strip/Stain (Batesburg)

    Client wanted there deck cleaned, stripped and re-stained.

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